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Antibiotic Therapy

  • Administration through peripheral or central venous access.
  • Infusion pump selected to meet patient's level of activity.
  • Pharmacokinetic dosing to insure therapeutic blood levels.
  • Most Private Insurance covers antibiotic therapy in the home setting.


Hydration Therapy

  • In the treatment of hyperemesis gravidarum.
  • In conjunction with chemotherapy.
  • Most Private Insurance covers hydration therapy in the home setting.


TPN Infusions

  • Total Nutrient Admixtures available.
  • Continuous and cyclical schedules designed to meet patient needs.
  • Specialty consultants available for nutritional assessment.
  • Medicare and Private Insurance covers TPN therapy in the home setting.



  • Administered only by specially trained and certified registered nurses.
  • Provision of extravasation instructions.
  • Provision of appropriate disposal containers.
  • Ambulatory infusion devices for more active patients.
  • Enhanced quality of life through home treatment.
  • Medicare covers a limited number of chemotherapy medications in the home setting. Most Private Insurance covers chemotherapy in the home setting.


Pain Management

  • Medication compounded to patient-specific strength and formulation.
  • Administration through intrathecal, epidural, central, or peripheral access.
  • In most situations, Medicare covers pain management in the home setting. Most Private Insurance covers pain management therapy in the home setting.


Enteral Nutrition

  • Nutrient-drug interaction screening.
  • Monitoring of caloric intake.
  • Administration via nasogastric, gastrostomy, or jejunostomy feeding tubes.
  • Medicare covers enteral feedings in the home setting. Most Private Insurance covers enteral feedings in the home setting.


Other Therapies

  • Growth Hormone
  • Immune Globulin
  • Fertility Drugs
  • Colony Stimulating Factors
  • Dobutamine - Inotropic Therapy
  • Desferal
  • Factor VII, IX


Complete Instruction & Patient-Caregiver Training

Vital Care provides complete in-home training for patient, family, and/or caregiver. This includes step-by-step training videos and therapy-specific patient instruction manuals


Local, Personal Delivery of Equipment, Medications, and Supplies

Vital Care pharmacists prepare all solutions, medications, and nutrients according to physician orders. All medications, solutions, pumps, poles, equipment, and supplies are delivered directly to the patient's home by a Vital Care professional.


With all Therapies, Vital Care provides:

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week availability. Vital Care professionals are always on call to answer any questions or to make patient visits.
  • Initial patient assessment.
  • Verification of insurance coverage.
  • Complete billing services. Vital Care will bill the patient's insurance company, including Medicare and Medicaid.


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